Thursday, April 28, 2005

Film festival

So this is a late post but o well here goes. The Film fest was quiet enlightening. Out of all the films, I liked four particularly. The Chamber, Roommates, Face to Face, The Missing Window. It was so weird watching these films with all the effects and stunts. For example, The Roommates, since I knew the people in it, I was just blown away. I guess having watched Star Wars; I became more appreciative of the movies and the whole visual effects that went into the movie making. Seeing those stunts being done by people that I see and talk to everyday was an eye opener. The sound quality in that film was not very good but overall, I liked the effects and stunts.
I think that editing in films is just one of the greatest things in film making. The fact that in the process of story telling, you can twist and mix, to make a film longer yet be able to make sense out of it. Each film created its own diegetic world, drawing me as a viewer in its form of story telling. Then there was The Chamber where I recognized a myth. The coming of the messiah was suggested when the main character, became the only one, or the two. I was confused until someone pointed out that this was a funny remake of the Matrix (which I haven’t seen)
Face to Face was my favorite movie, not because it had great film making or great stunts but because of the content. I found that this was the case with many of my friends who I talked to. They liked the film because of the content. I however talked to a few who didn’t think that it was that great. We all see different things in a film and what we like about it might be very different. My knowing most of the actors in the film might have also influenced the balance to tilt toward them.
The Missing Window being the best film was creatively made. Albeit it has similar storylines as most war movies I’ve seen but the whole mise en scene attracted me to the characters and the story. The change from present and past, keeping your suspense drew me in wanting to know exactly what happened.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I am not one of them

Retract...third person effect. Romance. Love. Chick flicks....three words that should be associated with my name. I love them. Love reading books, love watching chick flicks. But somehow, I think that it has affected everybody but me. Or maybe I think that my small group of friends who love these romance movies and books are exceptionally different. WEll, what can I say, there is a whole lot in those books that I really don't buy into. Infact, I think they are ridiculous, but the fun of it is that I like reading or watching them to make fun of people and see how ridiculous they can act. LOL yeah for real. I would like to see what happens in my own love life persay, but that is yet to be seen since I don't have an existin one yet. Back to third person affect. I think that I am exceptional from this rule but as we all kno, that aint true. I am not. I just want to believe that I am. Those books affect me as much as media affects other people.
Well, this is my two cents on that and this

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Let it be known

Labels have been given to people according to the media they take part in. I could be labeled as a book worm..because I simply luv to read books. I could also be labeled as a soccer fanatic because when it comes to soccer, well I am there with my eyes wide open. so, given that we all give people labels, there is no escape from it. We tend to categorize pple according to who and what they engage in.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Be a Christian...and a Fan?

Today in class matt braught the topic of being a Christian and a fan at the same time. people did bring up some very interesting issues. YEs God IS to be the top of everything. He should not be compromised or be collaborated with anything. As Andrew said in class, the world is God's and everything that is in reflects to Him and Him alone. As I said, I love soccer and I enjoy watching it every opportunity I get. it's very hard for me to pass up a game of soccer especially when i have some time to seat and shout at the TV or the field...GO FIGURE. Oh can't forget, I love Beckham too and enjoy mosly seeing him play. Yes I will collect anything when i get the chance to, but so far, I haven't been deprived in my spiritual life. I believe that worship is in everything I do. meaning that In everything that I do, I do it to my best ability. So if it is being a fan, I am going to do it well. If God so it best for me not to be a fan, and I was straying away, I am very sure, He will find a way to knock me down and bring me to my senses. You know, thinking about God, 24/7 doesn't mean that you are a christian. It's like standing in a garage all day thinking u r gonna be a car. WOn't happen. Being a Christian is about finding a balance. i don't think we should be so obsessive about something that God becomes a one week acquaintance. We should become healthy fans...what that means? I am reading about it

Sunday, April 10, 2005

WOW...Slow down Trekkies

Ok...shoot me in the head, atleast that is what was going in my head when i was watching the film. I mean, I thought I was a fan, but I discovered otherwise. Ok, maybe I am fan, but just another kind of fan. Cause that was crazy. I know, I know...third person effect. Yes, I admit it, I think that star trek has messed up those people's minds. Something I can say that beckham and soccer hasn't done yet. I haven't gotten to the stage where I have tons of posters of the rich and the famous soccer players or Beckham's virus(if indeed he has one). haven't gone and designed a website, although...I have my xanga background with his picture. I baught his book, have pictures,( not all over the room tho). Ok...lemme see, I joined an on-line forum on Beckham and Manchester united...and I think that's as far as my craziness goes. Although I would love nothing better than to fly to spain and have a chat with beckham plus go to Manchester and watch my favorite team play. I know there are some fans who have died because of soccer but I don't see that happening to me. I would like to think of myself as a sensible fan who keeps things in perspective...sometimes. I mean, i did get upset when the team that I wanted to win lost and happened couple of times....but nothing serious I am sure

SOCCER...I shall have none other

In class we talked about how a certain text that you are interested in can restrict your identiy with other texts. I find that to be true when it comes to soccer. When it come to sports...there is only three...track and field, Basketball and Soccer( the real football if you will) Soccer being the top of the three. All the other sports are nothing to me, infact I am not very fond of these sports at all. Well for starters, I think that football is for sissies (maybe very dogmatic there) not everybody in the team has to be very fit so...yeah. baseball, i totally don't get and just don't waste my time watching it. I think since like the four years I've been in the US, i've gone to only one Canada ( the blue Jays against Red sox) That was the end of my baseball watching. I don't understand it at all. I mean, I will go to school football games and because I am big on school spirit, i will shout and yell like every football lover, but honestly, don't get it. Same goes for baseball. Tennis, golf, and other sports are just not my thing...and I don't honestly care about them. YES YES...I am dogmatic when it comes to soccer. I think it is the greatest sport in the world...tht's why everybody is good at it..but well that is another story. but then, even in this same text, i am closed minded. For example, the Brazil national team will always be my favorite team. And in my eyes they might as well win all the world cups, then Manchester United and Euro football is my second fav. but I totally do not like American soccer...for reasons that will not be discussed here. IF you want my discussions on Soccer, you will have to go to my other website. cause there is a whole lot of...this and that on football( I mean the real football)

Friday, April 01, 2005

The best or just a market? part two

I like beckham because he can really bend the ball. Some of the best shots that were ever made, can be traced back to him first. Yes, I love soccer, other than maybe basketball, soccer is my first passion. Albeit i don't follow it as much as I used to, but I love it. So the first thing I love about Becks comes from my love of the game. Then off course don't deny the fact that he looks good. Yes, he is very cute. I mean i don't envy Victoria or anything but he is a good looking man, who plays soccer, doesn't drink (prefers water), passionate about what he does, definately dances...what more could a gal want.
He is also a soccer Icon. Even though Pele is the best playa of all time, it's Becks that people recognize first. Dare I say it? Yes David Beckham is a little exergerated. He is over dramatized and his publicist does a wonderful job on advitising him. I mean getting married to a spice gal made him even more popular. I have seen Beckham in all types of label jeans, in suits, his shirt off, yes in even basketball jerseys...American jerseys for goodness sake. What looks good on beckham will look good on you and as faithful fans, we will rush out there and buy it.
So other than that, my para social relationship with Beckham grows stronger as i interact with more fans. We get blogs about him and our friends read them, out of curiosity they want to hear about this Beckham guy and off course being the fan iam, I freak out at first because :who hasn't heard of becks/" but then I get over it and explain to them who Beckham is and then another fan is born. The circle then goes on and on, before you know it, you have a lot of people liking Becks too.