Friday, September 03, 2010

The Tale of a religious Center

Are people afraid of Islam? and if so- why?
Are they afraid of Muslims? and if so why?
If Muslims are evil (as many signs and people indicate) then who is good?
A religious center NEAR ground Zero- now there is an overdue process.
Obviously, by the reaction of many its seems that there is a lot of healing to occur. Maybe people would like to think that the whole acceptance of other peoples is true, and occurring, but as things stand, apparently not.
For the same reason that some of the society has lied to themselves into thinking that they are over the whole "black" issue with Obama in power, are the same who claim to be tolerant, and accepting of others, while they hide behind their insecurities.
Should it be clarified that the Imam of the proposed religious center is not asking people to become Muslims, rather, he wants a center of worship that is granted to him by the constitution.
What is the use of a constitution that one takes pride in, if they pay attention to only part of it?
Food for thought.