Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Politics of Friendships

There are few things I do not like talking about, or rather exploring, and one of them is the bounds of friendships. However, lately I find myself vexed at some particulars who I am not sure I understand. It seems that friendships have rules that can be broken, and some that are as elastic as rubber, (in that if exposed to becomes very pliable or melts)
Growing up, I learned the art of diplomacy, maneuvering and outmaneuvering situations. Those are talents that are overlooked yet they make the world go round. I have applied these lessons in most parts of my life, and have always trying to find one area in my life where diplomacy is not essential. The one place for me is friendships. I have never had to worry about my friendships, because once they are not working for me, I just walk away. Not a good policy...but it seems to have worked.
But lately, I have developed some strong friendships that I can't walk away from even if I wanted to. Therefore, I have found that diplomacy has to come into play even more so, because you learn to mask your feelings, and maneuver situations that hurt you, and work on the smile even when you want to scream.
Now I am working on answer to the question of whether friends are supposed to hurt you?...How do you deal with friends who are so self-absorbed that they hurt you, unintentionally?