Wednesday, February 08, 2012

While You Were Sleeping....

It has been a while since I really blogged about American politics. Maybe it is because NOTHING is ever knew. Every four years, there is a circus, and every decade or so, you start seeing the same patterns as of those of a decade ago.
If you have been in the US long enough, you have to see the humor in following American politics. Every four years, there is a showdown of the ridiculous, the mean and the unspeakable. - Thankfully, the US has a system that can absorb the shock of such a ridiculous circus.
However, every four years, the people who end up losing the most are the people. No matter who wins, the public will expect a savior of sorts and a year later, they will be disappointed. Two years later, they are so fascinated with the election circus that they fail to see when congress is screwing them over.
So while you were sleeping, or being entertained, some of your voting rights have been stripped away. if they have not, then they are getting there. In 2011 the most fundamental American right was under attack as a legislature was being passed around that would make it voting for some very difficult. The legislature which apparently seeks to minimize voter fraud would require proof of ID, and in some states they called for restrictions on early voting and voter registration, not to mention proof of citizenship requirements.
Lets do a mini-lesson on voting-
“Every American Citizen must have the right to vote,” said Lyndon Johnson on eve of passing a stringent bill that would assure equity in voting for all American citizens, particularly African Americans. Supplementing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the voting rights Act of 1965 is significantly relevant both as a breakthrough for the civil movements in equating voting rights for all, and secondly the pre-clearance requirement in the bill changed the relationship between state and federal governments.
Even though the Civil Rights Act was significant in the process of equating civil rights to blacks, in the southern states of the US, discrimination still ran rampart. For example, laws were passed that required fillings out forms and transcribing part of the constitution before one could vote. In early 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. led a peaceful demonstration in Salem, Alabama protesting these discriminations. However, there was a public outcry when the state police brutally attempted to suppress the protests.
With the guidance of President Lyndon Johnson, both democrats and republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate were called to discuss a new bill that would address the issues of voting discrimination. With Johnson’s guidance, the Voting Rights Acts did away with controversial restrictions to voting that had kept blacks from participating in elections. Particularly, the bill specified that states were no longer permitted to impose voting taxes and literacy tests. The bill was extended most recently in 2006. Up to date, states like Texas are calling for the delay in implementing the extensions, claiming the bill as unconstitutional.

Unconstitutional? I am still waiting for someone to explain how giving rights to vote would be unconstitutional.

In the meantime, Gingrich is calling for child labor, racism and massive order of inequalities. Mitt Romney is changing his mind as much as he changes his shoes- and these are the candidates that Americans are choosing. just have to wonder: where did these jokers come from?