Saturday, November 27, 2010

When the President invites you to the White House, You GO!

The GOP makes democracy and diplomacy difficult. The recent snub of the president's invitation to the white house was a childish display. Remember in HS when the kids thought that because they could get away, they became disruptive in class, and blatantly disrespectful? Well think of that scenario in a larger context.
One has to wonder, what was the GOP trying to prove? That they are stupid? ignorant? scared? or all three? Albeit democrats are no better with democracy, but they are a bit better with diplomacy.
Remember the Republican summit? you have to...cause Obama kicked the GOP's Butt big time. However, HE SHOWED UP! The GOP summoned the president to their little house, and he knew that political etiquette required him to at least show up, even know the environment was more than hostile.- He ended up kicking their butts anyways.
Were they scared that he would show up again, and intellectually beat them at their own game? One can only assume.
At the end of the day, the president offered an olive branch which was thrown back in his face.
It was direspectful, and unnecessary. It is so disappointing to watch grown men act like they are still in their diapers. America needs leaders, not children, so if the GOP is going to make the changes that they balk in mics across the country, then they need to STEP UP! The first step is to recognize that respect is an essential trait in politics...and the POTUS is not their play toy. For that, they need to look no farther than Sarah Palin.