Thursday, May 07, 2009

Humility of accepting Responsibility

In a recent article in the Huffington Post about the Somalian Pirates, John Prendergast points out that what seemed like an innocent attack was really a vicious circle of policies taken by the West, especially the US, in Somalia, that has led to extreme actions by these pirates.
This off course led me to explore the meaning of being a dreamer who has a dream, or a dreamer aka dreaminger, who lives in a dream. As you would imagine, these two are much different, and in the end result in two different outcomes.
So now, lets face the poverty and Injustice of the world with this mindset at hand.
The poor will always be among us....I didn't say it. If you don't believe me, read your Bibles.
so then what should we do? Seat still and let the poor become poorer?....but then there is a mandate to take care of the "least of these" which moves to become a more complicated issue that we would like it to be.

But there is hope. the hope of living for a better day, but not being disillusioned that the poor will have their better days.
But there is a difference between being poor and being impoverished, or living in absolute poverty. Therefore, we can and we have the ability to eliminate poverty, but we live as dreamingers that we end up botching up those dreams we live in.
for example, you will find that a lot of people in the west, for eg the US will go to Africa and start this great, with all the instant gratification, they expect to have the results instantly. Unfortunately, Africa and some other parts of the world are really on CPT ( Colored People's Time) therefore, the change will take time. This is where the botched projects come in. After two months of preparing for the project, and then an expected two to three months of expected results, these people who had gone down to help with 'good" intentions end up frustrated,, dillusioned and back to the States...leaving behind a mess, that is cleaned up by the people that this project was intended to help.
yea, that is a lot of wording....but lets walk down a street or for familiarity's sake. a village in Africa. You will find buildings that are not in use, or if they are, they have become houses for two to three families, and more or less, goats. This is good, depending on how you look at it. For one, these buildings were once orphanages, schools and testing centers. But after the money ran out, or the project did not "seem" to work, these buildings were abandoned.
There is something seemingly wrong with this picture.....

(to be continued)