Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nobody Wants Peace in Israel/Palestine

It is strange that I am inspired by The West Wing for this post. It occurred to me, as I lazied around the computer monitor enjoying my favorite show, that no one would want peace in the in this region. I mean, the media, the US, the world...would assume that Israel wants peace. They would also assume that the Palestinians are okay with Hamas- both not really true.
Lets see, this crisis has what I would like to call-- a conflict of interest!. Really! Israel wants THE land, and Palestinians want THEIR land. As I said, conflict of interests. This is even enhannced when Israel shows no mercy, and Palestine wants no bargaining. (which makes for a pretty good, hearty discussion rounds in the UN summits)
It would also seem that there is a big assumption, that International Community (IC) wants peace and peace only- which is also a farce
Really what fun is that? That means that Iranians would have no one to want to blow up (if indeed they want to blow them up) The US will have no Palestinians to feel sorry for, and Israel to baby around. and all around the IC will have nothing to blast about when it came to the Middle East. This conflict is the soul of most of ME policies held by different countries. Policies which translate into "you are either for Israel, or you are not"

Lets face it, Israel is a war state that is fed by the endless conflict, paranoia and grandiose dilusions(megalomonia). Don't agree with me? Read your Bibles and History books lately? if not...go back and then tell me I am wrong.
There is also a factor that is downplayed, and cannot be ignored. Israel is a regional superpower. They have for what it counts the fourth Army in the world and enjoys the patronage (for a lack of better word) of the world's Superpower and mostly Europe. ( talk about Major guilt here) Lets contrast it with Hamas, ( who we talk of, shuddering and doing the cross sign as if it is a dirty word). Hamas has, hmmm...has no tank, no apaches, no fighter jets and have the littlest of support Iran and the Hezbollah. So, why would Israel be considered to be so frail?
Given, they have a land, that is just as small as my country (Burundi) if not bigger. They also have the disadvantage that were they to lose a war, that would be it for them...they definately owe the US for the Yom Kippur War....
all that said, do they really want to have peace, where they won't be babied anymore by the IC? don't think so. They depend on PROPAGANDA! bet you haven't heard that word before...I mean its only used rarely.
Some have suggested that for peace to reign here, there has to be a repeat of Oslo, and to them I ask..."Do you want another Antifada?"
Some suggest a 1967 border...eh, yea not gonna happen if Israel has anything to say to that.
so whats left? Peacemakers? if Elias chacour has anything to say to this, it is that peacemakers are the hope for both sides..... but I have feeling that if US and Israel has anything to say to this, peacemakers will not prevail.

So who wants peace then?
-the US? Nope, they would rather portray their might with the guns and tanks, and fighter jets
-The Irab nations? nope, then they wont have a reason to hate Israel and any IC supporters.
-Palestine?- not really, they want to play victim...even though it might be unfair because they are among all these groups mentioned, the ones who want the peace much more.

I hardly doubt that anyone will live to see the end of this war. generations before are feeding hate and revenge to the generations after, and it might be the unending circle after all.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Sometimes I am simply given to ranting, because it simply makes me feel better.
Well, today, I became just a little bit offed by a comment that was made.
What is it about African men, that the idea of women being independent threatens them?
I am working on a research project that would be in efforts to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa, women will have to be empowered. They will have to be given a right to ownership, and the right to say NO.
What is that? I think that is called progress.
Anyways, I told this to a friend of mine, who happens to be African. He is very educated, but sometimes I forget that he is very African, and believes that we should go back to stomping and using spears...seriously, sometimes the way he speaks, I wonder if he is not just a chauvinist, using his African genes, to prove even much more so unbearable to the women.
So I told him of the idea that I am researching, and he was like, "THAT IS SO AMERICAN" and I was first shocked, then I realized he was serious. Apparently, thinking of progress has become an American thing. Thinking that women can actually go beyond being second-clad citizens is not American, it is a will to progress.
Anyways, my rant is done for now. I am sure this will come up again

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rebranding Africa

if I am not careful, I wont have any entries for july.
Anyways, did anyone read the article by Bono, about having a new face of Africa? Hopefully you did not miss the great campaign by ONE, for the YES AFRICA CAN promo.
It has not been a secret that Obama Chose Ghana because of its apparent democracy.
Excuse me if I am not so easily taken in by the so called democracy.
Lets be fair, Ghana is safe, and moderately speaking, peaceful. Democracy has been coming to them for years. And their government (which by the ways has a similar governmental structure as the US) has already gone through 4 republics....but are they wanting us to believe that corruption is dead? hardly. I am not so optimistic about that.
However, the message was clear. Ghana was getting the special treatment and the previlege to honor Obama, because they were doing well, and working hard to do so. Think of it as a "scooby snack". You know, present for good behavior.

but I do agree with Bono:
Africa is not just Barack Obama’s homeland. It’s ours, too. The birthplace of humanity. Wherever our journeys have taken us, they all began there. The word Desmond Tutu uses is “ubuntu”: I am because we are. As he says, until we accept and appreciate this we cannot be fully whole.

Anyways, I am waiting...waiting...lets see what happens. Africa might be inspired!