Monday, February 22, 2010

What about the other four fingers?

Once upon a time, there was a man who was walking around his land. Proud, and accomplished. Rich beyond measure, and while he did not realize fully his potential, he walked around content. A little bit later, he is joined by visitor from another land who walked with him taking in the riches of the land. Before he knew it, the man was pushed into a hole by the visitor. He yelled for help, for the visitor to help him...but to no vail. The visitor looked down at the man's struggle, and then looked around the man's land and started stealing from the Land. He even invited some of his friends to come and take what they can. The man in the hole already, fought to be released. He tried very hard, he shouted, and yelled. The visitors did enough to keep him alive. Gave him food, even introduced him to some new items. However, instead of the man trying to get out of the hole, he kept asking for help from the visitors, and having been pacified with shiny objects, he stayed in the hole, uncomfortable, but lacking a fight.

Okay so that is a novelty of fiction...but that is my view of African history. Harsh as it might be, I think that Africa has pointed fingers long enough.
The past is never to be forgotten, but it seems that African leaders and Africans have learned to use it as a clutch. There is one or two fingers pointing to Europe, and America....whichever direction, there is at least 3 fingers, sometimes four pointing back to Africa.
Why is it that Africans are expecting the world to save them, when they are not fighting to save themselves.
Being a young African, I have and will always say that the future of Africa is in the hands of Africans. It was Frantz Fanon who said that each generation has to discover it's mission, then fulfill or botch it.
This generation of Africans, well, it is time for them to rise. And short of revolutionary call....the young generation of Africans will have to start not taking No for answer, and push themselves into progress.
The first step, will be a mind of understanding and taking responsibility for ourselves. Pointing fingers does nothing but make you a victim.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I promise...there is a point

When Africans grew their own "organic foods" they were called primitive, but now, organic food is the "In" thing. When Africans walked nude, it was barbaric, and backwards; now, when others do it, by golly, it is called ART....oh not forgetting that it is "trendy"...oh, and when outsiders run planes into buildings it i...s "terrorism" but when an American does it, it is "emotional/crazy"

let me reiterate on those points.
Organic foods has become trendy now. Well so is living in nature and "being one" with nature. For those who pursue these endeavors, they are called the "trust fund" babies, mainly because California has become the land of those who want to become one with their natural habitats...(lets not mention that California fires are burning down) you have to wonder where they are going to commune with nature if it is a desert.
Then lets go back to where all this came from. Africa. African spiritualism called for the communing with ancestors, who were in essence, everywhere. This was the way of life. the Africans would seat under a baobab tree, because it was rather spiritual and respectful. The relationship between nature and man was that of give and take...which is how it should be.
However, the arrival of Europeans more or less shamed the people into stopping these practices, because they were "primitive". So should we be laughing now that these same practices that were shunned, are what are becoming trendy?
Organic food follows the same suit. ave you studied the history of pre-colonia and post-colonial africa?The gist of it is that after independance, africans were asked to "catch" up with the rest of the world. And to do so, the traditional means of agriculture were discouraged, and instead of using manure, farmers were more or else forced to used fertilizer because it encouraged the production of more food. now....we are back where we started. I wonder......should Africans be laughing now?

And one of my favorite if not funny nudity. You go to California, or even in New york, and you find nudes on stage...and its ART. You go topless at a beach, and its walk with two strings barely holding your unmentionables....and it is acceptable.
But when the Turkana in Kenya go bare...its primitive and to those who watch national Geographic...very interesting. My point is, art should be art. if Nude is art, it should not matter who is long as you are willing to accept the artistic measure of that.

That was a bit of international society ranting

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am still confused about the " God turning stone into Bread" phrase....but the message is there.

Monday, February 08, 2010

IF palin Becomes President....

The Tea party.....

No one should have anything against a woman becoming president. Hilary Clinton would make a good picture in office...if she did not have a president who was formerly presidential. I can think of others who would make good women presidents. Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright would be on the top of my lists. Off course there are others, but lets just say that Palin is not on that list. I imagine it would be a boost to the feminist movement if there was a woman in the Oval.
I do not hate Palin, infact, for her stands for her daughter, i respect her. However, She is not qualified, she is scary in her political views....and for goodness sake, she uses her hand as her speech reminder. The last one might be a bit rough, but a politician who needs to write things on her hand does not qualify. If she can't remember what she is fighting for, or whom she is fighting for, then its time to go.
The tea party is almost like her baby project. I admire the need of a third party in the political domination of Republicans and Democrats, however, the strong feelings of that this "tea Party" is a product of resentment for both parties might be supported by her biography that recently came out.

So I ask...what would happen if Palin became president?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Political Theater

Only in America......
I don't know if anyone was paying attention to the political dram between Republicans and Obama.
Honestly, the man has more guts. To go disturbing Republicans on their retreat-Gutsy.
Okay so it has taken me a while to blog about this, but given that I wanted to check the videos out myself, I wanted to hear the answers myself.

So yes, January 29, Obama went and as a matter of speaking "ruined" the Republican's vacation. In the process the "question and answer time" turned out to be a matter of Obama taking the Republicans to school. In a very impartial stand, it has to be said that Obama did his homework, and maybe explained the past legislatures better than those who signed the laws into being.
The good news is that no one stood up and yelled "You Lie" least not in those particular words.
Favorite words from the president:
“What happens is that you guys don’t have a lot of room to negotiate with me,” Obama said. “The fact of the matter is, many of you, if you voted with the administration on something, are politically vulnerable with your own base, with your own party, because what you’ve been telling your constituents is, ‘This guy’s doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.’

No words were truer spoken!....

at the end...nada. Well, once again, the Republicans had managed to come out lacking in their political attempt to engage. Even after they had been satisfactorily answered....the republicans left the room with no change of heart.

It might be a bit presumptuous to say, but it is safe to assume that Americans are tired of the bickering. It is like having an old married couple bickering over their property that does not belong to them. it could be that Americans are hoping and some praying for true bipartisanship....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The State of the UNION

"The Union is strong...."
...Actually I wonder if there is any one president in American history that has not uttered those words in his state of the union.
Well, at least Obama had the good mind to preface it with , "Despite our hardships, our Union is strong"....Okay so we know this is not actually correct especially with the recent economic down pour. But to his credit, Obama had no choice but to make sure the Americans stayed calm. I mean, what was he supposed to say,..."I am sorry, but we are in big trouble! there is no unity, there is more debt to come...." Aka....GET A GRIP, OUR UNION IS NO STRONG, IT IS PARALYZED!
I imagine that would have not gone well with the citizens. and there would have been chaos. The kind of chaos that turn great nations into pulp.

The state of the union did not lack some drama, as Obama made both Republicans and Democrats uncomfortable. I was waiting and if wishing for another "You Lie" comment. Sadly, and gladly so, Alito had more sense than Wilson. Although, there were moment of Alito shaking his head and maybe muttering "not true". Oh well, all in a day's work.
He went into a Washington Reform speech where he kept circling around back to the senate. Basically calling Republican obstructionists and Democrats to stop being sissies or rather sophistically, to stop being Harvard elites with polo sweaters draped on their shoulders. I have to say I enjoyed watching both sides of the house squirming, and when they cheered they clapped together. Although Democrats had an advantage to the Republicans.
You know what was embarrassing? watching the Elites of this country looking bored out of their minds, and some either coming to the point of dozing off or yawning...ON CAMERA! yes, the great American House of Reps and Senate. Given that Reid is old, he couldn't help it but sleep. Maybe they need some fresh blood in the Senate after all.
Oh...and my favorite...McCain! He was caught sneering, and downright angry. I can't blame him. After all, his party was being blamed for the current over-extension of American troops and the money spent on wars that there was no business being involved. But maybe he is still wondering, why after a year, Obama is still blaming the Bush Admin. But then I wonder if people should not be aware that the problems that exist in America were not Obama's idea. He inherited a lot of crap, and it is going to take a lot more than just him to clean it up.
Here is the problem no one, even the democrats take Obama seriously. The Democrats do not respect him, and the republicans see no reason to cooperate with him. There are no ramifications pertaining to them when they say no and act like political jerks. Basically, Obama might very well be on his own. If for anything else, he might be able to shake things up a bit to a point of least if the Alito situation might be any indication.

A point of interest: Fashion.
Did anyone notice how colorful the room was? I seriously thought people were going to church. Oh, and without calling the obvious out....did anyone notice who was wearing the colored suits. Well, I gues the highlight for me was Obama talking about his wife...briefly as it might have been, it was sweet....and I probably should end it here before I turn into a sentimental fool.