Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christians Blindly dislike them, Israel Kills them: The Plight for the Palestinians

Thanks Pat Robertson! He has definitely made a big contribution to society. He might one day want to answer as to why Palestinians do not deserve to live in the land that they had occupied for generations and generations. As if the Palestinians have not had enough. Christians have come to hate them, all because they think that the Bible orders them t0- maybe we missed that particular passage that tells those (who are not even Jews, to hate people they've never met.)- Again, thanks Pat.

Let us seriously consider their situation. In the last couple of weeks, Israel has just been working hard oppressing the settlements, and basically being the terror nation that everyone else excluding the US, thinks of the country. It is easy to call up on Hamas and their "awful" actions, but have we really looked at the issue closer, or have we let- as always-the media, and the US foreign policy makers, cloud our judgment?

You see, it is easy to speak of African colonization, because there is proof that actually, the Europeans came killed and plundered, and then left the continent almost bare. Not so with the Palestinians, they were at first silent victims, and when they spoke they were terrorists. But think about, they have been silently, oppressed, crushed down, and almost destroyed. Off course this is no excuse for Hamas and their terror activities. They are guilty of killings, but Israel to shoulder the blame for that. Even Ehud Barak, a prominent Israeli Politician, admitted that if he had been born a Palestinian, Hamas would have had his vote and participation.

Isn't time we really revisited this whole question of Palestine and Israel. Let us not kid ourselves- Israel is not a Jewish nation. Religion plays little in this. Yes, we sympathize, and some of us empathize as we have gone through horrible, tragic episodes, but it is time that this silent genocide came to an end. Or maybe, even made the headlines. Why are we permitting the circle of oppression to continue? Where is the plight for the palestinians. Whether Palestinians and Israelis like it or not- if they want to go to religious extent- they are blood brothers.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When the Oppressed Become the Oppressors

I saw this trailer, and I had to see the documentary. People speak of Justice as if it is like a gallon of milk that you can go to the store and buy, but daily, I am reminded that this is not the case. Justice might be served on cold plates, but there seem to be a really messed up idea of what Justice is to be.
The documentary above explores the blunders of Mugabe, as blacks were given land that was inhabited by the white farmers. It was to this injustice that the movie addresses.
Sadly, this is just one of several instances Paulo Freire's words become a reality. The oppressed become the oppressors, all they need is the opportunity and the right motive. Mugabe and the white farmers, Israeli and palestine, are just a few instances of this. However, a documentary like this reminds one that there is always more to the story than the simplicity of hate begetting hate.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The World went to Africa, and the Big Powers were shamed

Who said that the World Cup had nothing to do with politics? Which is probably why there are political figures in their suits watching the games, and making bets on the games. Or why the French team is screwed, and Nigeria, well Nigeria is Nigeria.
Football is a national metaphor. It might not be the case for the US, but everywhere else, football is serious business. It is embedded in political and national pride.
Otherwise, Sarkozy would not be calling Henry in his office to explain France's despicable actions. Or the Coach being fired, and their national Football association president being fired. Or Nigeria would not be under the thumb of FIFA's scrutiny if they were not just banning a "mediocre" team out of international Competition. The whole African continent would not be so excited to see the US beaten by their own. And by that, I mean the very same people who would not be able to point out Accra, let alone Ghana on the African map.

However, this will be the world cup which will be remembered as the time that superpowers returned to Africa, and they were quickly kicked out. What a joke. First France- Niger, Chad,Mali, Morocco, Algeria, senegal, Cote d'ivoire and togo might have rejoiced a little bit too much. to see that exit. Off course, there were some who said good riddance to England. Although the poor lads were tired, and half of their team with some serious injuries. Italy, well, Africa has nothing against Italy, unless we count their prejudices against blacks (unless someone has an explanation for why Balotelli was not part of the team.) Well, then the US is gone- defeated by Ghana, two times, two consecutive world cups. And off course, there is all the analogies of the French leaving, the English staying to fight the Germans, and off course, the US shows up late, in the hope that they will really pull a magic bullet and save the day. Except miracles rarely happen on a world stage.

So now we are left with Germany. and that is the one Country that has politically been held as a threat. yes, politics and football are not usually mutually exclusive. at times these two entities are very much connected. At times, the football side is much stronger, which is why, Nigeria and France are threatened by the idea of being entirely banned out of the federation.- and rightly so. If the players cannot be protected by FIFA, there would be much more instances of Escobar, only the governments will be doing much of the lynching.