Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iran and WMDs!

The recent issue of the Atlantic , the talk has been Iran and the nuclear war. Off course the first thought that comes to mind is "Abandon SHIP....Abandon!" Sadly there is really no where to run to after the abandoning. The world is a mess, even the soap operas can't seem to catch up. Tres Sad.
More importantly and scary is the question of a nuclear Iran. Questions rise- will Israel finally bomb Iran? If they do, where are they going to stop to refuel? Saudi Arabia? Iraq? Jordan?
Lately, it is Iran in the hot waters. Before Iraq was it! Now that the US is a bit wishy washy about being on the band wagon to bomb Iran, Israel might be alone on the bombing.
But there is an oversight on the leaders part. While you can certainly depend on the idiocy of Iran leadership, you can also be sure they are not stupid. Idiocy and stupidity might be in the same class, but the two are not synonymous at times. They can be mutually exclusive.
The leaders idiocy is in their lack of perception in what the future potentially holds. Ahmadinejad has a view of magnanimity that only belongs to lunatics. ( For all he had done and said, he will join leaders like Mugabe, and Quadafi). For a leader to think that he can threaten a country that has the protection of the US, and its allies- that borders to lunacy. In one word, the future of Iran and its people could be : BOOM!
However, it cannot be assumed that they are stupid. Ahmadinejad and Khomeini are not going to keep antagonizing the West thinking that there are no consequences. Having WMDs is not going to help Iran eliminate its enemies. The only thing to come out of this is probably the MDD which seem to have had some valuable results. If Iran uses their weapons, then there is a lot of BOOM that is going to be going around, and Iran is not going to be the only victim.
There is also the fact that a couple of the WMDs are pointed at Iran. So Ahmadinejad is not goint to jump head first into the idea of bombing Israel, without considering the idea there are other countries that have more WMDs including Israel, and they are waiting to launch them the minute that Iran goes crazy. Considering all this, even Khomeini in his supreme power will think twice before bombing any country.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Is there hope for politics: better days to come?

Ah...NOPE. The public is lazy and refuse to think for themselves, leaving it to corrupt "leaders". So no, there are not better days, unless the public acts and makes better decisions. Oh yea, and not letting Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart, Rush Limbaugh and the likes think for them. You probably shouldn't let Sarah Palin think for you either. The woman can see Russia from Alaska, but she is vicious in her lack on insight- unless women have started liking to being likened to vicious animals.
The politicians are feeding on the public's paranoia. and enjoying being dubious.
There is nothing worse than spending your time with people who are paranoid. Eventually, you find yourself walking down the street, back and forth making sure that a guy with a silencer is not following you-Even though you know you are not carrying anything that could potentially be of any help to anyone. Talk of your sense of grandeur! I mean, what is worse that having conspiracy theories all around? that is not to say that there are no conspiracies, for goodness sake, the CIA lives on conspiracy theories.
There are people who are paranoid everywhere, but it is not helped that the same people bring that paranoia on themselves. Case in point, look at the recent elected officials in congress.
We all wish that things could be better, but wishing is not going to produce results. Really, NOT! How do you expect for things to get better when you continuously elect people who are continuously making bad decisions? Its like the Wisconsin Budget case where the elected officials thought that increasing spending and cutting taxes would help their case. Okay, does that sound stupid to someone else, or just this particular author?
Is there hope for politics? Probably, but that will take a massive action that is not foreseen. The public is lazy. Thinking for themselves is too hard. So they let an "elite" few who lie to them with talks of hope and "restoring America".
The future of politics and all the good that COULD be accomplished is in the hands of the people. NO----I am not talking about a revolution ( not the armed kind anyways-thats just stupid). The public needs to make wiser decisions. Start thinking for themselves, and maybe just maybe, things might get better. You can't expect things to change while you keep voting in the same idiots.