Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Will the Tea Party Deliver?

It has been weeks since my last post but today, the mystery of the whole tea party is finally getting me to think about it.
I visited their website the other day. Very impressive. They have a great mission statement. In fact, it is so great that I am wondering why I have not joined the bandwagon. They want:
-fiscal responsibility
- a small gvt
- free markets
Not too much to ask right? but the problem is that, none of these items are defined. You can want, but if it is not realistic, then you are just a dreamer.
My question is: How are all those goals to be achieved? you can tell me what we need, but how are we going to get there? They are telling the public what they want to hear. At this time, it can be safely assumed that A LOT of Americans want a small gvt (because they think they can do better), they want some fiscal responsibility ( WHO DOESN"T), and off course free markets ( as the rich get richer). YES, off course this is going to appeal to people. Then you add loonies like Glen Beck and the whole " Plan for America" or "Contract for America" ( they really need to pick a name for it)- and you've got a pretty good package- maybe even better than the economic recovery or even the health care Bill (-rather doubt it though)
But really, with all this....WHERE IS THE VISION? how are we going to get from "big" gvt to small gvt? and attaining fiscal responsibility.....YEA RIGHT!
Better yet, can these tea partiers really lead? I mean seriously? What makes them so different? Being a Conservative Christians ( Would someone please define this for me!), or a libertarian is not a qualification for being a leader. Nor is being a war hero- (just ask McCain). If Palin and her gang goes to Washington, are we really expecting for them to do better?

Does it not make sense that politicians are liars and all crooks? just look in the past. Even George Washington was no saint. Basically, if I was running for office, I would sell you the best speech, using a language so hypnotizing that by the time I get into office, you won't know what hit you. And off course, I lied. But you elected me!
The tea party leaders are either some political super heroes, or we are buying into another rhetoric that we disappoint and destroy. It is easy to say "I WILL..." without having the problems of governance on your shoulders.

Can we please go back to the basics? or maybe, Corporations are the problem and not the gvt. Especially if the Supreme Court has given them the power to buy out politicians. The lobbyists, the earmarks added on bills...the negotiations....the buy outs and the dirty politics-those are the problems. Tax breaks for the poor is not a problem, it is a solution for those who are really poor. maybe, going to the root of the problem might be the issue of order, instead of creating a maddening party. Maybe the people are the problem. Blaming gvt, and wanting, wand wanting even more, does nothing if change does not come from inside out. and gvt, is the find the change within first.