Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is it Freedom?

Freedom....and what is supposedly stands for.

"Freedom" has become an American cliche. You could shout in opposition, however, in lieu of Sarah Palin, John Stewart, Ann Coulter and fellow political pundits there is much to be said about Freedom. I believe in freedom, infact I advocate for it. But you've even heard from spiderman, "with great power comes great responsibiliyt", Freedom is powerful. However, freedom without the responsibility runs to chaos. The freedom rant has become the norm in American political discourse. It is become lame, really, because people and leaders mostly, shout about the word, yet, lose its meaning in the process.
Freedom is freedom if all parties act responsibly. A while back, after the shooting in Arizona, I was first of all shocked, but also blamed Sarah Palin. It is not her fault really, but she can take responsibility with the rest of inciters who have a lot speech, and tongue without thought. You cannot put cross hairs into political discussion and tell people to reload and attack without thinking that someone somewhere out there is crazy, and you might be giving them the right ammunition to act.As much as we would like to think that we can do whatever we want-we really can't. Our actions affect others, directly or indirectly, and most importantly, our words affect others. Everyday we speak out curses and blessings. We say words that we take for granted while cursing others along the way. Be careful of what you say, for words have power. Be careful of what you do, for you are not an island to yourself.
My dislike for Sarah Palin was not really helped by her statement of the day of the funeral. The woman for all her appearance lacks class, and maybe for all her education and practice might lack some brains. Her speech was tactless at best. It might be harsh for me to call her out on responsibility of the actions taken by the mad-man/druggie, but I believe that she lost her chance to be seen as a leader.She is responsible because she labeled herself a leader. It could have been anyone else, Obama, Pelosi etc, and if they had incited words of violence, they would be responsible.
Unlike the common belief "Words are NOT cheap!" If she is truly a Christian, then she should read carefully where it talks about being careful of our thoughts and words.
She has no problem comparing women to animals, and calling for an up in arms battle...and then using words that would mean a historical wounds to those who were short i.e Gifford(happens to Jewish). "Blood libel" might come to CLOSE to what people are doing, but that is not what they are doing. There is a difference there. and I think Jews should be offended. They have been attacked throughout history that they don't need a brainless speech to remind them that they were once targets of madmen. Other than that...she missed her opportunity to be seen as a leader. because she chose a most sensitive day, and time, to sprout her ignorance.
If history has taught us anything, well, is it that we fight the same battles over and over again. We just hope that the second time or the third round, we do better. However, we use usually forget to learn the lessons, and we repeat the same mistakes. Such is the discourse of the political arena of the world.

Political pundits/commentators are great. However, that we need to start acting more responsibly towards those who might be caring enough to listen. Freedom is nothing if we do not practice it with a grain of salt. One might have the freedom to walk naked, but that doesn't mean one should walk naked. One might have the freedom to carry a gun and shoot, but, first, thats stupid and second, jail awaits. our actions of freedom or in the name of freedom have consequences. They always have, and will always do. Newspapers can publish what they want, but there will be reaction to the actions, its quiet simple really. Freedom is great. But there are consequences, negative or positive.

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