Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why the Surprise?

We generally like to panic. Human nature. But do we really need to panic with every news we get? Recently, American politics have become a circus- oh wait, they have always been a circus. However, the recent circus has been around the defense bill that would give the military powers to detain US terrorist suspects. The outrage might be rather misplaced. Honestly, if the people have the insights to vote for leaders who are willing to put them into prison, shouldn't they be the ones to blame? On other hand, this is nothing new. After all, Guantanamo has been detaining American citizens for years. So why the outrage?

There is the concern for the American constitution and the implications of such a bill- however, one has to look to the past decades to understand that the American institution has been taking a hit for years now. The last straw might have been the Supreme Court passing a law that would essentially give corporations more rights than people. That was unfortunate. Thus, there should be no outrage for such a bill when it is supposed to protect the Freedoms that have become the reason of American existence. Although one has to wonder- do these freedoms really exist?

This bill should be cause for concern. it should cause outrage. Think of the potential ramifications if the military would go into the streets picking up potential terrorists, and locking them away- without the hope for justice? yet, this will become just a memory soon.

Give this bill a couple of months, and it too shall be forgotten. People are drawn to order rather than justice. Hence, before protesting for the potential implications of such a bill, the people would rather find the peace in the moment. For justice, as they say, will always find you at the most surprising moment- even though it might be too late.

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